Disney 2023!

Disney 2023 Trip Announcement

April 2022

Dear THS Music Families,

The Towson High School Music Boosters is sponsoring their 6th biennial performance trip to Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida. The dates of the trip are Friday, March 31, 2023 through Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Although the trip is about 12 months from now, we want to make families aware for planning purposes. Students who attend this trip will miss one (1) day of school per the approved BCPS calendar.

The trip will be 5 days and 4 nights. The expected cost is $980 per student. About 50 adult chaperones will be needed and will be charged a reduced cost of $600 per adult chaperone. Adults must be 21 years of age or older. Additionally, 8-10 registered nurses or doctors will be needed (two per bus). R.N. and M.D. cost will be reduced to $300. If you would want to participate as a nurse/doc, please email Mr. Olin, jolin@bcps.org.

Fundraising: Four Music Boosters-sponsored fundraisers occur for students who wish to reduce the cost of their trip. A citrus sale will be held in September and a wreath sale will be held in October. We are on a two-year fundraising cycle for this trip. Sales from Fall 2021 and Fall 2022 fundraisers will reduce the cost of this trip for students. Additionally, financial aid can be requested once we return to school in the Fall. Financial aid requests should be directed to Mr. Olin, jolin@bcps.org.

Special Notes: As in past years, students enrolled in Choir, Orchestra and Marching Band will be invited on this trip. Students enrolled in Wind Ensemble (i.e., “Band” class) or Percussion Ensemble should join Marching Band if they wish to participate in the trip. The Marching Band sign up meeting will be held on Thursday, May 26, 2022 in the Towson High School Auditorium from 7-8pm (student and parent must attend this meeting). Additionally, a small number of band students (wind, brass, and percussion) may be selected to perform with the Disney Orchestra ensemble if they are upperclassmen who qualify for BCPS All-Honors or Maryland All-State.

Disney is strict on the number of students allowed to perform in the Orchestra (100 student maximum) and Choir (90-110 student maximum). There is no limit to the number of students in the Marching Band. Because of this, students enrolled in Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble should consider joining the Marching Band as their primary avenue for attending the trip. Please contact your child’s music teacher if you have questions or concerns about this policy.

Students who are subjected to Category 1, 2, or 3 disciplinary action from school administration as described in the BCPS Student Handbook may not be allowed to attend the trip with no refund given.

Student Non-Refundable Payment Schedule:

Option A - One Payment

$980 due 9/30/2022 (cash or check)

Option B - Two Payments

$490 due 9/30/2022 (cash or check)

$490 due 12/2/2022 (cash or check)

Option C - Four Payments via Credit Card PayPal Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments of $250 via PayPal

First Payment of $250 due 9/30/2022

(September, October, November, December)

Trip Details

    • Who: Students enrolled in Choir, and Orchestra during the regular school day at Towson High School and Marching Band students who attend band camp and finish the regular marching band season in good standing.

    • What: “Disney Performing Arts” music performance trip at Disney World, Orlando, FL

    • When: Depart Friday, March 31, 2023 at 6:00 AM

Return Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 11:30 PM

    • *Student Performer Cost: $980 per student (quad room, non-refundable)

    • *Adult Chaperone Cost: $600 per adult chaperone (double room, non-refundable)

    • *Adult Chaperone Nurse or Doctor: $300 for R.N. or M.D. adult chaperone (double room, non-refundable)

Included in the cost of the trip:

-Round-trip private motor coach from Towson, MD to Orlando, FL

-Transportation via private motor coach while in Florida

-Disney Performing Arts Performance

-Hotel accommodations (four nights)

-Three days in Disney World Parks and Destinations: Park Hopper Pass

(Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs)

-Custom designed t-shirt and custom designed string bag

Please email Mr. Olin, jolin@bcps.org, or THSMusicBoosters@gmail.com with any questions.


Towson High School Music Boosters, Inc.

Disney FAQ

Question: How long is the bus ride?

Answer: Actual drive time is about 13.5 hours. We typically stop every 3 hours for a stretch break, meals, and the half way driver switch. This year we will depart around 6:00am and arrive around 10:00pm.

Which bus company are we using?

Answer: Superior Tours, Inc

Do I have to ride the bus from Towson High to Florida?

Answer: Yes! All trip participants including students and adult chaperones must ride the bus from Towson High down to Florida and participate fully in all trip activities with the group.

Do I have to ride the bus from Florida back to Towson High?

Answer: No. The long bus ride back to Towson is optional. Trip participants (both students and adult chaperones) may opt out of the long bus ride back to Towson High. Alternate arrangements should be communicated to Mr. Olin (jolin@bcps.org) and approved.

What hotel are we staying in?

Answer: Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista. https://www.rosenlbv.com/

Can I get my own hotel room?

Student Answer: No. Student price includes quad room accomidations. That means 4 students per room with 2 double beds in the room. Students can choose to pay a little extra for a double room (2 students in the room with 2 beds). It is about $85 additional for EACH student in the double room. This request can be made in December when students sign up for their hotel rooms.

Adult Chaperone Answer: Yes, just pay a little extra for a single adult room. It is about $170 for a single adult chaperone room. This request can be made in December when students sign up for their hotel rooms.

Are meals included in the cost of the trip?

There are 4 meals included in the cost of the trip, which is breakfast each day at the hotel. Students will need to bring additional money to purchase lunch and dinner while on the trip. We will discuss this in more detail at our March Disney trip meeting.

Can I order additional park tickets for family and friends?

Yes! More information about park tickets for family and friends (i.e., Disney park tickets for trip participants) will be announced in the Fall.