Lottery Fundraiser

Lottery Fundraiser

*New Event for THS Music*


Winners Every Day In May!

THS Music Boosters is hosting a lottery fundraiser with nightly winners being determined by the MD State Lottery Pick-3 evening drawing during the month of May!

We appreciate your participation and support!

Each ticket costs $10 or Buy 3 for $25 – Every night there is a chance to win!

Thank you again for your participation. Holding this annual fundraiser allows the club to keep our music program functioning at a high level.

Here is how the Lottery Fundraiser works:

  • Tickets are sold for $10.00 each or 3 tickets for $25.

  • Each ticket has a 3-digit number.

  • Tickets must be purchased on or before April 30th.

  • Nightly winners are determined by the Maryland Lottery Pick-3 Evening Drawing.

Example: If the winning “Pick-3” number is 4-5-6, the person with that ticket No. 456 wins!(number must be in order: "Straight")

  • Each day of the month has a different prize assigned to it.

  • Music Boosters will send you your prize in the mail.

  • All numbers are played straight as drawn.

  • All winners will be paid at the end of the month of May and prior to the last day of school in June.

  • Winning numbers are determined by the evening three (3) digit Maryland Lottery EVENING Drawing.

  • If by any reason the Maryland Lottery is not drawn, the winning number for that day will be the previous night’s winner in reverse.

  • The Music Boosters will determine each prize from the numbered information card.

  • Each ticket sold has 31 chances to win by matching any evening draw in the month.

  • In order to win, ticket stubs must be filled out with contact information and returned -OR- Payment must be submitted online via PayPal (see above). Ticket holder keeps the rest of the ticket with number and details.

  • Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please email