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Drumline & Front Ensemble (Pit) - THS Marching Percussion


Please join the drumline "Remind." The instructions are in the OneDrive folder on a document titled THS Drum Line Remind (Click here to go to the One Drive folder).

Drumline Auditions 2020

Please check the OneDrive folder (Click here to go to the One Drive folder) for the document called DRUMLINE AUDITION REQUIREMENTS 2020. This document tells you everything you need to know

General Drumline Info

First, please check the OneDrive folder (Click here to go to the One Drive folder) for the document called THS DRUMLINE INFO as well as the other documents in the folder to make sure you understand the practice expectations and know when spring clinics and summer sectionals will be held.

You MUST practice (with a metronome), and practice extra any time that you do not attend a summer sectional. Cymbals MUST watch the videos in the folder. Please join the drumline "Remind" if in drumline, and make sure to use it to message Ms. Ferrell if you need help with ANYTHING! Thanks :)

Materials - What to Bring

Required Materials

What should you always bring to marching band? Well, here is your list, percussionists!

    • Your 1 inch, durable binder WITH frosted/anti-glare sheet protectors (at least 50 sheets are recommended)

      • Warning: your binder WILL experience hardships during its tenure as your music binder, so please make sure to have extra sheet protectors, extra music, and a heavy duty binder (not the flimsy, floppy kind).

    • Your exercises, warmups, any written cadences, and show music CAREFULLY ORGANIZED and NEATLY placed inside the sheet protectors in your binder.

    • A PENCIL!!! EVERY TIME!!! (we often make lots of changes to drumline music!)

    • Athletic Shoes

      • Not: chucks/converse, vans, loafers, crocs, uggs, flip-flops, sandals, open-toed shoes, high-heels, flats, boots, etc.

      • We're talking about CLOSED-TOED shoes with ARCH SUPPORT, breathable, comfortable, doesn't give you blisters all the time, etc. The kind of shoe you would run a marathon in. Please!

    • REUSABLE, large Water Bottle! Save the planets, kids. It's dying.

    • Sticks and instrument if you took them home to practice.

    • A FLIP FOLDER. You need to actual go out and purchase one this year like everyone else. Do this by ordering online, or visiting a music story, such as Menchey Music.

      • Guess what! The internet actually has flip folders for snares, etc. Just search for your instrument - flip folder!

Recommended Materials

    • A SACK PACK. or small backpack. This is the perfect place to keep your binder, sticks, a practice pad, pencil, etc.

    • A practice pad specific to your marching drum (cymbals and pit do not need this at all). These can be expensive, so get creative with this. Otherwise, make sure to at least have some kind of practice pad (everyone)!

    • Sunglasses. We will be outside A LOT!

    • A hat. See above.

    • Sunscreen. See above (Bug spray is good, too, so you don't get west nile)

    • Download a metronome app on your phone or computer if you have one. They are free!

    • Ear plugs for indoors sectionals (musician's ear plugs are best), especially for drumline.

One Drive Folder

Here is the link to the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT One Drive Folder! It has everything you need as far as music and instructional sheets that are specifically for drum line and pit. If the link is not working for you, please contact Ms. Ferrell via the Remind app ASAP! Thank you.

One Drive Link

Having trouble with the link? Try the Google Drive link: Google Drive Link