Marching Band


The season is upon us! Participants and their families will receive regular updates via the crossbar app and email.

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Towson High School Marching Band

"The Marching Generals"

"The Best Band within 50 Miles of the Chesapeake Bay!"

Pride ◊ Dedication ◊ Musical & Marching Mastery

The purpose of Marching Band is to provide an experience where:

  • A complex and competitive marching field show is presented at football games, tournaments, and local parades
  • Camaraderie and school spirit are positively fostered
  • Rhythmic movement and music are combined as an educational tool

The Marching Band Practices and Performs During the Fall Season

(August through November)

Season Performances

  • Home Football Games
  • THS Fall Pep Rally
  • Reisterstown Festival Parade (Reisterstown, MD)
  • Columbus Parade (Baltimore, MD)
  • Westminster High School Invitational Showcase
  • BCPS Marching Band Showcase
  • Alsatia Mummers Halloween Parade (Hagerstown, MD)
  • Dumbarton Middle School Performance
  • Local Elementary School Performances
  • Disney World, Orlando Florida (planned Spring Break 2025)

Registration for THS Marching Band

  • Occurs at the end of the school year at the Marching Band Registration Meeting (end of May or early June)
  • Students who plan to participate in Marching Band must attend this meeting with a parent
  • Attendance is required for ALL student members at our August sleepover band camp in Darlington, MD
  • Contact Mr. Rhen with questions


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Why Join Marching Band?!?

We're popular with politicians

We dance!

Marching is fun!!

Need we say more...?

Did I say we had the spirit?

Home Games 🏈

We are spirited!

We're good in parades

We are seriously serious

Trombones rule

Good friends ❤️

Night parades

Why are the Marching Generals the BEST Band Within 50 Miles of the Chesapeake Bay?

Because, I'm In It, Sir!

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